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Oral Surgery in Prospect, KY

Oldham County Family Dentistry is a family dental clinic in Prospect that offers a wide array of surgical procedures such as impacted wisdom teeth removal, gum grafting, dental implants, and root canal treatment.

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Any type of jaw or severe mouth pain may indicate a serious oral health condition. If you experience a dental health issue you may need to see a Prospect emergency oral surgeon. Overcrowded wisdom teeth can cause bite issues. Chronic jaw pain may be a sign of a TMJ disorder. To treat these and other mouth problems our Oldham County Family Dentistry oral surgery specialists perform the following treatments and procedures:

The Oldham County Family Dentistry oral surgeons treat dental patients of any age throughout Prospect and the surrounding areas. Your Prospect dentist’s team is trained in assisting with sedation dentistry within our state-of-the-art family dental office.

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There are many reasons why Oldham County Family Dentistry patients need oral surgery in Prospect. Dental extraction is a common solution to restore oral health after a tooth is badly cracked, broken, decayed or damaged from advanced gum disease. An impacted tooth is often why patients meet with a wisdom teeth oral surgeon. In this situation, there is not enough space for the third molars to erupt or develop properly. To avoid pain, infection and damaging the surrounding bone and teeth, it is necessary to surgically remove wisdom teeth.

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Oral surgeons in Prospect perform both simple tooth removal and complex surgical extraction. At Oldham County Family Dentistry we use advanced diagnostic tools like digital imaging to examine the underlying bone and impacted teeth to determine the best course of treatment. We use safe sedation dentistry to prepare the treatment area and maximize patient comfort. The affected tooth is then gently loosened and lifted slowly out of the socket. The opening will then be closed with either removal or absorbable sutures.