Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Prospect, KY

While you may not know it, your dentist performs an oral cancer screening at every visit. The goal of this is to make sure that there are not any abnormalities in the mouth or on the face and neck that may indicate oral cancer. If cancer is caught early enough, it can be treated more effectively. At Oldham County Family Dentistry, we make sure every patient is in the best of health by looking for signs of oral cancer.
oral cancer screening

How Screenings Take Place

Your dentist will first look at the face, neck, and lips, as well as the inside of the mouth. When this is done, they are checking for lesions and other abnormalities. They will then touch the head and the area under the chin to feel for immobility in the tissues, masses, or nodules. If anything is found, your dentist will recommend that you see a specialist for further testing.

Why Cancer Screenings Are Done

The overall goal of cancer screenings is to detect the presence of mouth cancer or any lesions that may lead to the development of mouth cancer later on. There are people that have a higher risk of developing oral cancer due to certain lifestyles and other risk factors.

People with a high risk of oral cancer are most likely to benefit from the screenings that take place in our dental office. Some of these risk factors of oral cancer include:

  • Use of tobacco, not limited to, but including: cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products
  • Use of alcohol heavily
  • A previous diagnosis of oral cancer
  • A history of high exposure to the sun, which may increase lip cancer

If you have questions about oral cancer and whether or not you may be at risk of developing cancer, speak with your dental professional as well as your physician. Oral cancer screenings are very important in order to prevent you from suffering from cancer without early treatment. The earlier any type of problem is found the more likely treatment will be effective. Schedule an appointment at Oldham County Family Dentistry in Prospect today!