Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Prospect, KY

Having a child means that you get to deal with a lot of parenting stuff. One of these things is making sure your child has good oral hygiene. It’s accepted that at some point your kid might obtain a cavity sometime in their life. But your child should never have to deal with tooth decay if there’s an alternative. Combining good oral habits (such as brushing daily) and dental sealants at Oldham County Family Dentistry in Prospect, can lead to a healthy set of teeth for your child.

sealant for kids teeth

Dental sealants:

You might be wondering what these sealants are and why the dentists at Oldham County Family Dentistry recommend them so strongly. In short, they are plastic, thin coatings that will bond with your young one’s teeth. The dentist will put these sealants in place on your child’s molars and on their premolars. This is because those specific teeth will have deeper grooves where food can get trapped a lot easier. You can have them placed on other teeth too – baby teeth, for example, tend to have deeper grooves than adult teeth. It’s imperative to keep your child’s baby teeth from becoming decayed. This is because proper spacing inside the mouth is going to help their permanent teeth come in in the proper spots.

When to obtain a sealant:

In Prospect, dentists are offering sealants to kids as soon as their premolars start to come through. Oldham County Family Dentistry believes children and teens should have sealants placed onto their teeth starting at six and lasting to fourteen. These are the times when it’s most likely for teeth to suffer through decay. If you’re an adult, and you’re prone to cavities, don’t worry – you are able to obtain sealants too!

Getting the sealant:

Dental sealants are very simple to get. You or your kid can receive them at one of your routine checkups. The procedure only takes a few minutes for each of the teeth. You don’t even have to worry about anesthesia because sealant placements are completely painless.

The dentist will begin the procedure by performing a thorough teeth cleaning. This prevents bacteria and debris from getting trapped under the sealant. Afterward, the tooth will be dried with an absorbent material. After this, the dentist is going to apply a small measurement of acidic solution right on the biting surfaces. Then the tooth will have an area that the sealant can bond to. The teeth are then cleaned, dried, and the tooth sealant is placed right on the enamel so it can begin hardening and creating that necessary protective layer! These sealants can last for ten years!